Based on our international curriculum but adapted for local conditions, the Teach the Future TM South Africa programme is aimed at primary and high school learners, students and young adults. It is a critical stage for them to demonstrate future consciousness, an awareness of the future, a desire to set goals and plan for the future and a willingness to take action towards a desired future. Not only will future consciousness allow them to become aware of time, the past and present and their experiences in it but it will also enable them to adapt to continuous change and develop their resilience in dealing with change and the unknown. Although our Teach the Future TM South Africa workshops are primarily aimed at giving learners the tools to acquire futures thinking and agency, they also address some of the skills needed to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


  • Two (2) facilitators per workshop.
  • Maximum of 40 learners per workshop.
  • Workshops include materials and take-home worksheets for learners for reference and follow-up at a later stage.


Workshop sponsorships can take many forms:

  • Sponsorship of one (or more) workshops at a school(s) identified by die sponsoring company
  • Sponsorship of one (or more) workshops at a school(s) identified by Teach the Future TM South Africa (schools need to apply and motivate why they should qualify for the workshops)
  • Sponsorship in kind, such as making a venue available for workshops, or arranging or paying for learner transport to a venue
  • Donations which will be pooled and applied to workshops at school(s)* identified by Teach the Future TM South Africa

All workshops will also include a session with the teachers of the selected school.

* Schools will be selected based on a written motivation submitted to Teach the Future TM South Africa.

Sponsorship Benefits

  • Acknowledgement of sponsorship on the Teach the Future TM South Africa and IFR’s websites, as well as mentioning and sharing of sponsor content on the Teach the Future TM South Africa Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter profile.
  • Dedicated sponsors-page on Teach the Future TM South Africa ‘s website with photos of the sponsored workshop, links to the sponsor’s website and other online spaces.
  • Digital Badge for sponsors to use on all offline and online media “COMPANY NAME supports Teach the Future TM South Africa”.
  • Workshop feedback from the facilitators: report, visuals, attendee quotations and insights.
  • Branding on workshop material and presentations.